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Manchester University locks undergraduate tuition

Beginning in the fall of 2022, Manchester University’s new first-year students will have their tuition locked in for their entire undergraduate career.

This tuition lock is part of Manchester’s commitment to making costs more predictable and affordable for students and their families.

“In the future, we will set a new tuition rate for each incoming class and lock it in for four years. This will give students and families a predictable total cost from start to finish and make it easier for them to budget,” said President Dave McFadden.

kaopuiki-ryon-optimized“Concern about unexpected tuition increases is something we hear often from students and their families,” said Ryon Kaopuiki, vice president for enrollment and marketing. “Locking their tuition removes that question mark."

For the 2022-23 academic year, Manchester’s undergraduate tuition is $34,505. All of Manchester’s undergraduate students receive financial aid, however, and the University helps students find the most effective packages.

For example, students already on the Spartan Response and Tuition Bridge plans will continue to pay no out-of-pocket tuition expenses if they continue to meet academic and other requirements.

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On average, a Manchester undergrad pays about 37% of the advertised "list" price. Here's how we explain it to prospective students:

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