Campus Life

  • jcy_intercultural_center 

    Jean Childs Young Intercultural Center

    The Intercultural Center offers students from all backgrounds and cultures a safe place to gather, connect and discover their true selves while at Manchester. This new building has increased in size, allowing more students to gather.

  • Oakwood 

    First Year Housing

    East and Garver Halls are now reserved for first year students. These residence halls are some of the most social halls on campus. Many students have open doors for people to easily stop by. This creates many opportunities for first year students to meet new people.

  • Resident Assistants 

    Resident Assistants

    Residential Assistants (RAs) are a great resource for first-year students adjusting to life away from home. They'll help you get involved around campus and cultivate relationships within and beyond your residential hall. And don’t tell them where you heard this, but they can oftentimes be a great source of snacks, too!

  • Garver Mural 

    Earl Garver Mural

    Although all of the Residential Halls are co-ed now, that wasn’t always the case. Garver Hall was the first of Manchester’s residence halls to house both male and female students. A larger-than-life mural of Earl Garver and his true vision of residential life at Manchester sits in the Garver great room as a reminder. Although his time has passed, students remain acquainted with the man they casually refer to as “Earl.”

  • Wilburs

    Dining Options

    Dining options and variety abound at Manchester – whether you’d like to fill your plate with healthy choices or grab a quick burger to go. Haist Commons features a full buffet style menu with food to rival your favorite restaurants. Cru5h is another gathering place where students gather to study, collaborate on projects, and grab a cheeseburger. If you’re looking for a caffeine fix, Sisters Café is known for its Starbucks drinks and freshly made pastries. In a hurry to class or want to eat lunch on the go? The Oaks serves made to order sandwiches and salads, and and Twelve gives you quick, self-serve access to food and beverages.

  • Faith on Campus

    Faith on Campus

    Manchester embraces students from a multitude of religious backgrounds, while staying true to its historic roots in the Church of the Brethren. Through inter-religious conversations and opportunities, students gain deeper understanding of their spiritual beliefs and convictions. For students of differing denominations, North Manchester and surrounding towns have a variety of churches students can attend.

  • petersime-chapel


    Petersime Chapel is a great place for one to nurture an existing faith or to discover a new one.  The Chapel offers several different kinds of services, all of which are ecumenical and completely voluntary.  It’s a great way for students, faculty and staff to gather and worship together.

  • Squirrels


    Fat ones.  Skinny ones.  Bushy tails.  Scraggly tails.  Brown ones.  Black ones.  Gray ones.  The squirrels that call Manchester home blend into campus life as students greet them on their way to class. Don’t try to pet them, however – a  fingertip can look an awful lot like an acorn to a hungry squirrel!

  • Beautiful Campus

    Beautiful Campus

    Lay a blanket down on the beautiful expanse of grass in the middle of campus we call “the Mall.”  Take your studies away from your desk and sit around a fountain surrounded by majestic oak trees.  Or get away from it all by spending a few minutes in the stunning Peace Garden.  Manchester’s gorgeous campus is the perfect environment to relax and explore your best self.

  • Close to town

    Close to Town

    Campus is just two turns away from downtown North Manchester.  Drive into town to satisfy your fast-food craving. Have Pizza Hut deliver to your residence hall.  Rent a movie from Redbox.  Check off your entire grocery list at Neighborhood Fresh. North Manchester has everything you need to survive college!

  • Academic Center

    Cunningham Academic Center

    Named in honor of Manchester’s first African-American students, the Martha Cunningham and Joseph Cunningham Academic Center features technologically advanced classrooms with faculty offices nearby for student access and advising.  It’s an environment that promotes effective teaching and learning, and enables your success. It is also the home of Sisters Café.

  • Science Center

    Science Center

    Manchester has a longstanding, distinguished reputation in the sciences and an outstanding record for preparing students for careers in health care. That’s why you’ll always find our state-of-the-art Science Center full of students and alive with hands-on activity. This 85,000-square-foot structure is home to the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math and Computer Science

  • Gathering Places

    Gathering Places

    Manchester’s campus includes a multitude of spots where students can gather to study, collaborate or just hang out. Meet your friends at Wilbur’s or Sisters Café for a bite to eat. Sit around the fountain in the Peace Garden and chat. Find a grouping of comfy chairs in the Jo Young Switzer Center, the Academic Center or Student Activities Center (SAC) to relax. Or lay a blanket somewhere on the mall to study. It’s easy to connect with your friends and classmates.  

  • Percent of Students Who Live on Campus

    % of Students Who Live on Campus

    About 72 percent of Manchester’s students live on campus. Each with a character of its own, the residence halls are perfect for studying and socializing. Living on campus offers students more opportunities to cultivate life-long relationships and truly take hold of the “college experience.”

  • Haist Commons

    Haist Commons

    Haist Commons, in the Jo Young Switzer Center, is one of the hubs of campus activity. You’ll get familiar with Haist early on at student orientation, and almost every day thereafter when you meet your friends there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll visit there, too, for a lot of campus activities, such as International Buffet, Costume Bingo and music and dance parties.

  • Campus Store

    Campus Store

    The Campus Store is your resource for a lot of stuff. Purchase your textbooks. Pick up care-packages from Mom and Dad. Sport your school colors with Manchester apparel. Check off your Christmas list. Sell your textbooks back. The Campus Store has you covered. 

  • Study Space

    Study Spaces

    Manchester’s campus is designed for student success and is equipped with numerous spots for you to study both individually and as a group. If you can’t concentrate in your room, try the study room down the hall. You won’t have a problem finding a spot in the library or the Success Center.

  • Peace Gardens

    Peace Garden

    Manchester was the first school in the nation to start a Peace Studies program. The Gladdys Muir Peace Garden on the west side of campus honors the founder of the program and offers a quiet, reflective place to sit and relax, meet with a friend or make a botanical study of the wide array of flowers and plants.